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Natty Quality

Hand Made Shirts

Many companies are turning to computers and machines to make the manufacturing process faster and cheaper. At NattyShirts, we believe that machines can never match the quality of an experienced tailor working by hand. Our patterns are drawn through German GGT cutting machines to ensure exact and error-free sizing. We put extra emphasis on the most important parts of a shirt: collars, cuffs, cuff plackets, pockets and shoulder joints.

100% Bambo Cotton Interlining

While there are plenty of options for fusing, none can match German 100% Bambo Cotton Fusing by Oliver. When double reinforced and baked in a Japanese Fusing plant, the collar, cuff and Front placket remains crisp forever. Of course, we also provide removable collar stays to prevent iron marks and ensure the perfect collar construction.

100% Spun Cotton Gutterman's Thread

We use single needle stitching machines, including100% Spun Cotton Gutterman's Thread, which does not show any stitching marks when stitched at 20 stitches per inch.

Fabric Pattern Flow

Discerning customers know that it is critical for a shirt's fabric to match throughout for continues flow. We stitch carefully at the joints to ensure accurate pattern matching at the pocket, cuff placket, shoulder seam and front plackets.

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