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Natty Return Policy

Standard return Policy

The most common question we get from first-time customers is what to do if the shirt does not fit correctly. We have worked very hard to develop an industry-leading return policy to ensure satisfied customers who come back to us for years. Our policy is as follows:
1.If our shirt is defective in workmanship or material, or if the order is not made according to the style or measurements you provided, we offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee. Please see below for an explanation of industry-standard allowances for sizing.
2.If you purchase five or more shirts, we will craft the first one to your specifications and send it to you. This gives you the opportunity to determine whether the measurements you provided fit you as well as you expected. If the initial shirt does not meet your sizing expectations, we will gladly accept changes to your measurements and remake the original shirt along with the remainder of your order. Please note that if you choose not to accept the first shirt in advance of the rest of your order, you waive the opportunity to have a free remake. Please note that we can only honor one free remake, so please take extra care with any remeasuring that you do. We are always here to offer help or advice if you are unsure. In the case of a remake, we ask that you donate the original shirt to charity.

Notes on industry-standard allowances for sizing:

Because our shirts are hand-made, there is always some allowance. However, we keep this allowance to a minimum in order to ensure an accurate fit.
-1/2 inch margin to the neck and 1 inch margin to the sleeve measurements you provide, for shrinkage allowances.
-4, 5 or 6 inches to the chest depending on the type of fit you have chosen for movement and flexibility.

Before requesting a remake, please consider the following:

1.If you feel the shirt is a little loose, please give it one wash to allow for adjustment.
2.Do keep in mind the sleeve length according to custom made does include a 1 inch margin.
3.Remove the external collar stay from the shirt before washing it in order to maintain the shape of the collar.

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