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In 2003 a creative director at renowned brand met an IT specialist running some very successful blogs and eCommerce sites and discussed an idea of creating something different but affordable to a common man. Some months later with a detailed feasibility study and thorough market analysis a new venture of two distinct traits was established under the label Natty.

A mix of expertise is what makes it distinct amongst competitors. Some major areas in focus at Natty are "Specialized Product", "Customer service" and "Expedited Delivery". Specialized product development has made Natty Shirts the most reliable company which can easily convert your dream options into reality and bring you the best possible outcome. Now with the use of latest 3D technology Natty is able to portray the product images nearest possible to reality. You can see which collar, cuff or front placket will suit it? Will it look nice with pocket or without one? All this has become really easy to perceive with the help of 3D designing module.

Satisfied customer is what makes a company's goodwill and makes it profitable. In this global village it is not easy to satisfy a customer and Natty has this credit that they have maximum customer satisfaction percentage in our market and thus attained customer retention. It is the top priority of Natty to attain customer satisfaction and the CS team goes extra miles to achieve it. Maximum reviews available on third party discussion forums like Ask Andy and The Fedora Lounge show how persistent Natty has been proven in its quality and services.

The MTM shirts' product requires individual attention to every bit of details and thus takes much longer time than regular products, most of competitors deliver in 3-4 weeks, whereas Natty has the fastest deliver in only 7-10 days including delivery time. The important point is these 7-10 days are not working days but all day.

Custom dress shirts are rapidly growing more and more popular in today's world. There are several reasons for this including the fact that tailor made dress shirts really allow us to express our true identity and wear something that fits our body perfectly. The tailored dress shirts come in many different variations and styles and the only limit you have is your imagination and how far you are willing to go. Most people have either considered buying a custom shirt or have bought some piece of clothing that was custom made for them during their lifetime; if you are one of these people you will most likely already know the benefits of doing so.

The truth of the matter is that not all people have the same requirements for their shirts and while some people just want a perfect fit, others want added bonuses like their shirt being wrinkle resistant or having a spread collar. The cool thing about the custom shirts is that there is no right or wrong, you are the master and you decide what fits you the best. Before you go out and start purchasing your new tailored shirts, there are a couple of things you should consider in order to get the most value for your money.

The first thing you have to consider is whether you are going to be gaining or losing a lot of weight in the upcoming months. Drastic changes to the body are not the best idea when going to tailor made articles, there is simply no point in doing so since they won't have the unique and perfect fit you paid for after a couple of months. If you are expecting a drastic change in your body composition, it can be a good idea to wait a little before you go out and purchase your new dress shirt.

The next thing you want to decide is what kind of collar you want for your shirts. Choosing the perfect color depends a lot on your already existing style and personal preference. Some of the most popular collar types are the button down collar, the Windsor spread collar and the button tab collar. If you want to go for an even more tailored look, you can choose to go for collars with contrasting colors. You also need to figure out what kind of cuffs you prefer and whether or not you want your cuffs to have contrasting colors. Some of the most standard cuff choices for shirts are the button cuff and the French cuff.

Make sure you pick colors that go well with your skin tone, this is a really important step and can make the difference between looking good or looking absolutely stunning. The most important piece of information you give your tailor when ordering a custom dress shirt is of course your measurements. Take your time to take the measurements correctly and you will greatly increase your chances of getting the perfect fit.


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