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Black Dress Shirts

Black Dress Shirt

Just like white, many men consider the black dress shirt as a wardrobe must. Whether for an exquisite dinner suit that is finished perfectly with a perfectly-tailored black shirt, or the perfect option for a night out, the black color shirt hides imperfections and adds elegance to a given outfit. The versatility a black shirt means that it can be worn with just about anything.

It’s important to remember that black shirts have a tendency to fade away over time, especially depending on how they are washed. High-quality 100% cotton fabrics are less likely to fade than lower-quality alternatives.

Of course, not every black shirt must be a solid color. Natty Shirts offers black toning, from grayish black to jet black, in a variety of fabric qualities from broadcloth, chino, chamere, self stripes and checkered to herringbone, starting from only $39.99.

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