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Button down dress shirt

People concern themselves with fashion with their chief intention simply their being able to look good. With this idea one could come up with any method or style on how to create a more pleasing look. And one of the tested ways (for men at least) is by wearing a button down dress shirt.

Button down dress shirt

This kind of men's dress clothing is just like any other dress clothing, except for the buttonholes at the tip of the collar points to make it easier to fasten the collar to the shirt. It was first introduced in 1896 as a result of disappointed polo players. This style has not totally lost its complete origin as some of these shirts still has a certain level of preppiness with it.

Button down dress shirt is characterized by having a softer look compared with the classic collar. Some may find the classic ones too ‘corporate’, so these shirts offer a more attractive design. For this reason, the shirts are more favored in relaxed settings than at formal events. Button down shirts are suited for casual outings although it would not be a good idea to make them replacements for dress shirts especially made for suits.

As the name itself implies, the shirt is simple with a very appealing design and can be worn with or without a tie. These shirts are perfect with pinstriped suits or even ordinary denim jeans.

Normally there are buttons on the collar of button down shirts or oxford dress shirt, such that when you wear a tie it is locked in place by two smaller buttons which also lets you tie the collar down and encloses the tie within it. Some of these men's dress shirts are designed with cuffs which require cuff links when worn. Remember to check the cuff style for the dress shirt you are selecting to make sure you have the appropriate cuff links for it. These fashion shirts are as smart looking as they come that is why it is a preferred choices among senior executives.

The dress shirt is one of the conceptual styles that until now holds strong interest. It is so comfortable but at the same time creates a sober and very decent look. There are many designs of the button down dress shirt along with a variety of stitching techniques to suit the taste of who you are or what color preferences you have.

Some individuals consider customizing simple structures of button shirts based on their preference. However it is an unacceptable fashion statement if you opt not to fasten it down as it would only look like a cross between a classic and wing collar.

If you are looking for a top of the line button down dress shirt, the Internet is without a doubt the best place to look at. It has a wide variety of choices that would suit any style, whether you want one for yourself or as a special gift for any occasion.

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