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What review actually means?

Reviews are some independent opinions of people talking about you in general. In order to get Genuine reviews Natty Shirts has always asked its customers to review where ever they want to. Below are mentioned few reviews by third party sites not at Natty Shirts itself.

We are running a few campaigns to get maximum reviews on our products and services to test Natty Shirts for its maximum and plan the next upgradations. We would request all of our customers to let us know about any good or bad review posted anywhere about us at support@nattyshirts.com which would be much appreciated.

Best $27 I've ever spent

Natty Shirts On AAAC

And from "click" to "at my door" in a week. Indochino and J. Hilburn each took almost a month to show up. In the world of MTM this is like instant gratification.
Okay, the fabric is not anywhere in the same league for feel as a few shirts I have that are in the $250 range. It is not in the same league as the $109 Tessitura Monti cotton used in my J. Hilburn MTM shirt (see review I wrote last year).
But it is $27. And it fits. And it is not crap. And the stitching is nice. And the buttons, although plastic, have a lovely convex shape like the gorgeous and unique MOP on my Eton shirt.


Natty Shirts On AAAC
I just got five of their shirts and I'm very happy!!

They really did a nice job helping my measure myself to make the shirts and to avoid making mistakes!

Natty Email

Natty Shirts Email

To whom it may concern, I have received all my shirts and find them excellent in workmanship and quality. Thank you kindly. I am very please with your product and have been recommending your site to all my coleagues. I will definately seek out Natty Shirts for my next purchase!

Natty Email

Natty Shirts Email

I just received the first shirt from my order and I could not be more pleased with the fit and quality of the garment! It is absolutely perfect! I will recommend your service to all friends and co-workers who wear dress shirts without hesitation.

The Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On AAAC

Received my trial shirt today. Removable white collar and white French cuffs.

Detail of the collar and stud (Mind the smoking/lounge jacket)

The Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On Fedora
It's actually really comfortabel... I like it. I think I may have the others turned into detachables at some point as well!

Also, the collars were custom made from a 1910's-20's collar style advertisement thing I came across. All I did was send a photo in w/ my order of the catalog, and told them which collars I wanted, and there they are!

The Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On AAAC

I placed my order this past Friday for 5 shirts. The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. I had several questions, updated my info, updated a shipping address and specified which shirt I wanted as my test fitter all via their chat system. I have diligently searched for negative reviews and found only a smal handfull....and they were all rectified by a combination of great communication and customer service and so the people who were upset were won over. Anxiously awaiting my shirts.

The Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On Fedora

Best shirts that I own, along-side my Pink, Hilditch & Key, and Turnbull & Asser shirts. I get mine made without fusing, split yoke, little gussets on the side venting, everything. Gorgeous shirts, perfect fit, Beautiful collars and fabrics. Absolute perfection for a ridiculously low price. I still find it hard to believe and I now own, about 5 or 6 of their shirts, I think. (heads off to take inventory of wardrobe). (I've had all of mine made with very long 7" long, 4.5" spread spear-point collars and all have been perfection, just from a picture! Next up is a copy of an old Carol & Co.


Natty Shirts On AAAC

Nice fabric -  I chose 100% super fine Egyptian cotton weaved in 100 single cotton yarn  and mercerized for zero shrinkage and a silky smooth feeling, and only $99.

Removable plastic collar stays and an extra metal pair was included.   Seven front buttons.

There are some excellent choices of collar, placket, sleeve cuffs, and fit styles.

The selection of details you want for your shirt and entering your measurements is easy on the website.


Natty Shirts On Dappered
The process: After selecting the options you would like for your shirt (Collar type, cuff type, placket type, rounded or flat bottom, fused or non-fused collar, pocket type, back type, monograming, etc) you have three options for determining the fit of your shirt. The first option means Natty will sell you a shirt in the standard Neck x length configuration in a loose, regular, or slim fit. A second option is to measure a current shirt and input those measurements (The method I used). Finally, one can measure their body and send in exact measurements. After you have submitted your order Natty guarantees your shirt to be shipped within 7 days.


Natty Shirts On Flickr

As promised pictures of the first shirt. Note, this before any washing. As per nattyshirts it shouldn't shrink, but I will post some more pictures after I wash it. So far so good, I might shorten the sleeves a tiny bit and tighten the neck a tiny bit as well (these are all issues on me though since I supplied measurements). We'll see how well the shoulders lay after a wash (slightly rumply, but could just be from having one arm up in every picture).

The extreme close up is of the pocket to show that they did a great job with lining it up. They did a good job of lining up the slip-yoke as well.

Badger & Blades

Natty Shirts On Badger & Blades
I had them go ahead and remake the shirts. They have stood by their word and remade my shirts at no additional cost to me, including shipping. I also had them change materials to their "120S" material, which is a finer, softer weave, resulting in a heavier fabric. Since they did not have the same colors in this fabric, I chose two new colors, which you'll see below. Natty Shirts also helped me with sizing the shirts. I did re-measure my sleeves and estimated a length of 24", rather than the 28" I somehow came up with previously. They also suggested that the yoke was too long, resulting in poor fit at the shoulders. I told them to use their best judgment, as I wasn't sure how else to measure this distance and get a good fit.

The Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On The Fedora Lounge
I ordered a black broad cloth , black buttoned , fly away collar, slim fit and I am so happy !!!
I am in the sports outerwear and canvas pants business in Colorado. I know the value of getting something that is custom fit for my body. I planned to buy one shirt from these guys and if it was what I hoped for I would order more.

They provide 3 different ways to size the shirt 1) your body measurements 2) detailed measurements of a shirt you own 3) just your basic shirt collar, arm length....you get the best fit with the more detailed choice in #1 and #2

I tweaked my new order based on my first purchase and ordered 7 more tonight !!! (3 were for my father)

The Peak Lapel

Natty Shirts On

The guys over at Natty Shirts were kind enough to send over a shirt of my choice for review. I chose a pink and brown checked shirt, as you can see above.

For starters, the fabric-type was very nice. The color is great-looking, and it’s thick and high-quality. They charge $27 a shirt (at least for the first order) which is extremely reasonable for the quality of the garment. The collar is thick and heavy — and it has slits for collar stays (for the life of me I don’t know why all places don’t do that).


Made To Review

Natty Shirts On Made To Review
The shirt designing process has three main steps: fabric selection, style choices, and measurements. With 120 different fabrics to sort through, fabric selection definitely takes the longest to choose what you want. After combing through the different fabric choices numerous times I finally decided to go with a fabric/patter called ‘Tiniest Brown Blue’. As you can see from the picture below, this fabric has very small brown and blue checkers on a white base. The fabric is 100% cotton and 100% mercerized with 20% elasticity. Now that I selected a fabric it was on to the style. This part involves choosing the collar, cuffs, placket, pocket, pleats, and other minor personalizations.

Big Man @ Fedora Lounge

Natty Shirts On

I liked the first shirt I ordered so much that I ordered three more. They arrived on Friday. Here is one of the new shirts I was wearing today. OK, so it's not a great picture of the shirt, but I hope you get the idea. All the shirts are excellent quality and fit great. I am well pleased, and Natty Shirts are a great value. I'm sure I'll be ordering a couple more in the not too distant future.


Boby @ Style Forum

Natty Shirts On Made To Review

I just received my shirts from Natty. I had placed an order for five shirts, and opted to have one of them be my trial shirt. I have to say, having been through many online MTM shirt companies, I like Natty the best and will be ordering from them again (soon). Their customer service is absolutely the best, that I have dealt with.

For a quick summation of my view on Natty: Great customer service, decent variety of fabrics ( although more are soon on their way, sub-par website (supposed to be getting a new one), extremely low prices for the quality, fastest delivery (8 days) and overall just very accommodating. I had numerous specifications, and they met every single one (although it took some time to explain). Although their website has some specifications, they allow you to send other requests if need be.

Greet @ Dappered

Natty Shirts On

I came across this site (and its recommendation) about a month ago. I personally believe men have a much larger offer when it comes to nice dress shirts. Us, women, are very often stuck with pink, baby blue, white or - when in luck - pinstripe. I realize I can go the blouses route but I wear a suit daily and I like a properly tailored shirt as much as the next person. I decided to enter the realm of MTM shirts. I was in luck as well given I had stumbled upon them - through this thread - while they were having a spring sale. I ordered 6 shirts, in brightly coloured patterns (to my delight!).


Romeo @ Ask Andy

Natty Shirts On Made To Review

I ordered this shirt in Band collar as i wanted to test this collar. I would say the delivery time and price are exceptional. Yes i did have some problem with fabric image and was little reluctant but it ended well. I can not comment on anyone's experience but will only say that my experience with Natty was very good and i would definitely be ordering again. The customer service as commented by many fellow forum members was in my case very prompt and accommodating which made me confident on my purchase. Thumbs up and keep up the good work.

TodCreasey @ Dappered

Natty Shirts On

I got the rest of my order today and I was impressed enough to order 3 more while the prices were good. The first one I got was too short in the body (pretty sure that was my fault - shirt tails should be measured from the neck not from the yoke) but they only send me one of the four I ordered and the others all fit fine. They are in the wash now - I'll post again if there is any shrinkage. Really nice to have something that fits my gorilla arms but doesn't billow.

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