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Natty Return Policy

Standard return Policy

We have a 30-day limit on returns. You may return shirts for the following reasons only:
1. the shirts are defective in workmanship or material.
2. The order is not made according to the style and measurements you provided.

Natty’s relaxed policy:

  1. We try to abide by the industry standards as mentioned above, but have upgraded our policy for our loyal members. With the lenient exception on returns but ask for you to donate the defective shirt and provide us with pictures of the issues so we can rectify them and send you a new shirt.
  2. Natty is a class in itself with a return policy as one of the best in the world of MTM shirts.
  3. Please verify your order after the transaction is completed, we will keep the order on hold till you verify the sizes you have given.

Please note we add essential industry standard allowances when crafting your shirts.
A ½ inch margin to the neck and 1 inch margin to the sleeve measurements you provide, for shrinkage allowances.
4, 5 or 6 inches to the chest depending on the type of fit you have chosen for movement and flexibility.
The finished shirts will reflect these allowances.
Trial Shirt Remakes: On purchase of more than 5 shirts. You are given the option of receiving a trial shirt first to confirm the size. If you opt to have all shirts made without first creating a fit shirt, the sale will be considered final with no refunds or remake. However, we will gladly tweak your pattern on the trial shirt  and remake the shirt. We only offer a single free remake on your first order.
Because all our shirts are hand-made just for you, and our returns go to charity, we obviously can't do an unlimited exchange policy. We will do our best to help you get the right fit on your first order, including doing a free remake, but we would really ask you to be careful when requesting your remake and re-ordering to make sure you have the correct sizes. We are always here to help if you're unsure or need suggestions.
Please Consider Below Mentioned Points before Requesting Alterations
1. If you feel the shirt is a little loose, do give it one wash margin to fix itself.
2. Do keep in mind the sleeve length according to custom made does include a 1 inch margin.
3. Do keep the external collar bone out of shirt before wash so that it does not get the shape twisted.

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