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How to take care of shirt

Dress shirt accessories that most people fail to recognize is the importance of collar stays. These are small strips of metal or plastic inserted into collar flips on a dress shirts, to ensure the collar is kept straight and flat against the collar bone. Without collar stays collar is vulnerable to wrinkles and they help keep the collar crisp.

There are two types of removable and permanent collar bones. Each has their own benefits and shortcomings, when it comes to washing and ironing. The big advantage of sewn in collar strips is you won’t have to take them out and put back in every time you wash your shirt and they won’t get lost. They present a problem when they are plastic because when dried in a dryer the heat from the dryer causes them to curl causing a miss-shape of collar also when ironing extreme can also ruin collar stays.

Obviously that does not happen with removable; they possess a different form of problem, them getting lost. If you put them in a certain spot safe spot where you can retrieve them after washing and drying and place them again in the shirt.

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