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Striped Dress Shirt

Striped dress shirts are a foundation of every man's wardrobe, due to their flexibility and versatility. Striped shirts come in practically any style you can imagine, meaning they can be found everywhere from the corner office to a night out clubbing.

A striped shirt’s formality is dictated by the direction and width of stripes. Bold stripes indicate a less dressy shirt not meant for work. An easy rule to remember: the simpler the stripes on a shirt, the dressier it is. Thin stripe shirts are meant for the office, whereas shirts in multi-color stripes tend to be worn on the weekend or in the evening.

Natty Shirts offer a range of more than 100 fabrics, and you will see that the majority of our offerings are in plaids or stripes. Our high-quality fabrics range in count from 80S to 150S super fine cotton imported from Italy and Japan.

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