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Tuxedo Dress Shirts

Tailored shirts prove the quote of "You are actually what you wear". Tailored shirts are stitched from quite a unique format of stitching. The sizing is submitted for review by experts having experience of cutting different sizing and styling. If approved by them is submitted in GGT software which automatically draws the cutting for the laser cutter to cut the accurate edges of fabric. The record for each customer is automatically saved in system for future use. As the shirt is stitched from scratch the precise measurement is followed each time a new customer comes in. Not only collar size and sleeve length but also chest, half chest, yoke, biceps, hips, wrists, forearms and shirttail is carefully measured. It might be the case that the first sample needs some minor adjustments. To ensure exact measurements in future, the paper pattern is adjusted, so that all shirts become identical and customer gets what fits best on him

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