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Women's Fashion 2012-2013

These days, women are feeling insecure of being too thin these days. They always crave for a good build. Thin and slim are different so you should always dress according to your body type. You need to choose those type of fabrics which make you look with a little more added weight. The type of cloth and the fabric you choose helps in building up your look.

Always go for shirts or t-shirts with Bold or mighty checks and choose tweeds and glen check fabrics it helps in adding some substance to your structure. Remember, too slim cut will bring out your narrow frame and too loose will make you look stouter, therefore it is necessary to wear clothes which fit you right. Try to hide your flaws and flaunt your merits. After all, your goal is to add some depth to your frame.

Office attire has been an added difficulty for women these days as it requires more of formal clothing than regular clothing like before. Women's shirts have become a sigh of relief in this case. Now you do not need to wear specific white/ black or at most pink/ yellow shirt anymore. Now from Natty's exclusive range of 100 plus fabrics in varying patterns from plains to mighty checks you can design your very own custom shirts with unlimited designing options.

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